What restaurant is good? What plumber should I use? Do you know any good (and honest!) mechanics? These are the types of questions we have all asked at one time or another.
Let’s face it, when it comes to local businesses especially, good old-fashioned word of mouth is still a colossal factor in people’s decision making. 
Sure, things have changed over the years. One can check out reviews of your business online. They can head over to your website and/or Facebook page — maybe even a YouTube channel. And of course, online ads are everywhere.
But, let’s not fool ourselves. At this point, the proliferation of the internet is somewhat old hat. Do you actually trust those online reviews (remember when people trusted Yelp?) or that spiffy website? 
Or do you still ask a friend if, for example, they know an A/C guy that you can trust to give an honest assessment? 
Now that doesn’t mean that good reviews and a professional looking website are not important. And advertising does work — no one would ever spend that kind of money if it didn’t. 
However, when it comes to a local business — and especially a local business in Florida with so many people flocking in as permanent residents or snowbirds with their winter homes — word of mouth is absolutely crucial. 
What if there was a way to interact with 20 or 30 or 60 or even more fellow local business owners on a regular basis? And what if those fellow business owners got to know you, like you and most importantly, those business owners began to trust you and your business? 
Well, you can assuredly see where this is going. Yes, they are now much more likely to recommend you to their circle of friends and family. And naturally, the circle expands from there. 
The bottom line is Networking is effective. It just plain works!
For those who have never considered joining a networking group, it’s understandable. The reasoning is genuine — “I already advertise”, “I have enough friends”, “I’m too busy trying to run my business(!)”, “My niece is working on a Facebook page to help with getting new customers”. And on and on it goes.  
And the truth is that none of those reasons/excuses are illegitimate.
However, human beings are human beings and nothing is ever quite the same as face-to-face contact.
It may seem intimidating at first (it does to most people, anyway). It may even seem, at first blush, too time consuming and possibly even a slightly frivolous activity.  
To get directly to the topic in the headline, if you want to increase your business then join a networking group! It really is that simple. 
Find one that fits you and your schedule.
As a bonus, it’s all but guaranteed that you will enjoy it too!
Prosperity in Networking Group (PING) was founded by experienced networkers of many different networking groups. 
PING’s mantra is to “take the work out of networking”.
We strive to put a lot of emphasis on business as opposed to some of what we might consider superfluous, yet forced commitments of a few of the other networking groups. 
See more about us, including meeting times and locations on our website. And, of course, we welcome you to visit us at any of our meetings to see for yourselves what we are all about.