If you’ve recently bought a home in Palm Harbor you may have noticed something strange – no rain gutters. This is a common occurrence in these parts due to building codes. In most cases rain gutters simply aren’t required by the State to pass a residential building inspection.

But do you need them?

Rain gutters may not be the most exciting part of home ownership, but they serve an important purpose, especially for those living in this area. Palm Harbor, Florida is an area you’d expect to see gutters on every home simply due to the amount of rainfall we see. And how torrential it can be!

The fact is: rain gutters are essential for protecting your home from water damage and other related problems in this areas. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of rain gutters and why you should consider installing them on your home.

One of the most important functions of rain gutters is to channel rainwater away from your home’s foundation. When rainwater is allowed to pool around your home in Florida, it can seep into your foundation, leading to cracks and other types of damage. Over time, this can cause the foundation to weaken and cause serious structural problems. By installing rain gutters you can direct rainwater away from your home and prevent these issues from occurring.

Rain gutters can also help prevent erosion around your home. We have many avid gardeners in this area – especially the beautiful homes in Palm Harbor. But when rainwater is allowed to flow freely around it can wash away soil, dump onto flower beds and erode the beauty you spent hours cultivating. This can be especially problematic in Pinellas County during the Hurricane Season – which starts June 1 this year. By directing rainwater away from your home you can reduce the risk of erosion and protect your landscaping.

Gutters reduce noise – some homes have waterfalls of rain water coming off of roof valleys onto cement patios and it gets very loud during a storm. You’ll be shocked how much quieter it is with rain gutters on the home.

In Conclusion

Rain gutters are an essential component of any home in Palm Harbor, Florida – and all of Pinellas County. They serve a variety of important functions to protect your property.

Guttersmith  is locally owned, licensed and insured to install gutters and gutter covers. We’d be happy to provide an estimate to new and seasoned home owners alike. We offer 6″ and 7″ gutter installation. (7″ is better for tile roofs and steep metal roofs – but that’s an article for a different day.)